Friday, 27 February 2009

i've got a guinea pig

don't you just love the world of blogging, i was blog hopping and i came across one where i could adopt a pet, ten seconds later i have a guinea pig and his name is gusifer (or gusgus) for short, and i can feed him and brush him, he likes broccolli and fruit and he is very cute LOL i know i'm a sad old bugger LOL

had my meeting with c and s from hr to discuss my stress risk assessment, it was a very positive meeting and i came away feeling quite happy with it.

came straight hom as the queue to get off the a19 onto the asda sliproad was ridiculous so i'll just put petrol in as we leave tomorrow, dad's suitcase is packed and my clothes are all sorted, feel like i have forgotten something though, never mind, if i haven't got it i will have to do without,

see you in a week *big grin*

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