Sunday, 8 March 2009

a fantastic night

met up with beatrice and val last night for the dream team reunion, as usual we had such a great laugh, i really love those two ladies and i so miss val at work, it is so not the same without her there and i so wish things could have been different, but never mind, we make a real effort to see each other every couple of months, i'd brought presents from our holidays for them and they went down really well, we had a chinese and copious quantities of red, white and rose wine and laughed and laughed and laughed, must say i'm really suffering this morning not only with a stonking hangover but also with a sore chest from laughing so much LOL

put all my holiday photo's onto the computer last night and did quite a bit of editting so later on today i hope to find a cd i can burn them onto and get them printed off the cd at asda, love these ones, my faves of the holiday me thinks *smily face*

i just adore the one of dad in the hot tub, he was almost wetting himself with laughter as the jets were tickling his feet, and wasn't i brave to have a butterfly on my hand, i didn't mind it on my hand but i freaked when one landed on my head, i hated the way it felt as it crawled around LOL

well off to do the asda shop now then i need to sort out the craft room and do kaylee's card to take in next week

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