Sunday, 15 March 2009

another crafty day

have had another productive day today, i managed a whole 5 lo's and rearranged the craft room. it wasn't working the way i like and it's still not perfect but at least things are more at hand than what they were when i had it all in one corner, i like things to be in my reach so i've moved the desk back over to where it was originally, i might move the paper storage yet though so i can reach that without having to get off my behind LOL

need to buy a new office chair, the one i have had from tesco's for just under a year is now completley broken after i leaned over and the back snapped, so i have ordered a heavy duty one from the big and tall section of a company i found on t'internet, it's going to cost me nearly £100 but the other one was £70 odd or more and has been crap since the day i got it.

used my lovely sarah's cards february kit this afternoon to do these two lo's, i wasn't sure about the kit when i got it but i love it now, the colours are fab

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