Sunday, 22 February 2009

blinged blog

i've been playing around with my blog today, discovered how to customize it when i found the cutest blog on the block website and it gave step by step instructions on how to get lovely backgrounds, there was loads i liked and what i like about them the most is the fact that they look a bit like scrapbook pages *big smile* also managed to add a cute welcome blinkie too,

after the poorly-ness that was yesterday dad is completely fine, no idea if it was a bug or whether it was something he ate but he seems to have got rid of it and is cooking roast pork for lunch which smells delicous, i'm watching create and craft, not that i'll buy anything like although i do like those tape pens i get from the demo at the royal quays a couple of weeks ago and i know c&c sell them, also waiting for the sky engineer to come, he rang last night to day he'll be here between 1:30 and 3:30, aftet he has been i must get chell's cj ready to post on friday and i need to post my just the edges off to karen this week too

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