Saturday, 14 February 2009

how much ????????

went along to the morpeth crop this afternoon, i was really looking forward to it as it's the first one i've been to this year, well it was a bit of a disaster as there was only 6 of us there two of them being the ladies who moan all the time, we ended up having to pay £9.33 for the crop and if you figure in petrol and the 2 quid i paid to park it just wasn't worth it.

when i got back i went straight onto the morpeth thread and made a comment about where everyone was, hazel did the same thing and so far theresa is the only one who has said anything even though everyone has looked and most of them were on uks while we were supposed to be at the crop, have to say there is no way i can afford to go to the thing if it's going to cost me £15 every time.

got dad's book at borders on the way home then came and had a wee shop at a site called the fruit pixie which is so full of vintagey, collagey stuff so i bought a few bits and bobs for my artwork LOL

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