Friday, 20 February 2009

a nice week

had a really lovely week at work, it's been half term and we were expecting ofsted so i should have been stressed but i refuse to get stressed, instead we have had a real good laugh, had some really lovely quality time with the kids as we were quiet and even though there was only 4 of us between foxes and squirrels today we just got on with it and had a laugh.

it's dad's 76th birthday tomorrow, he wanted spendies for his holidays so i got a hundred quid out of the bank and wrapped it up in some nice paper, also got him another book, thought we might go out for lunch as i have booked a meal at the witcherie for us when we go back up to edinburgh so this will just be a cheapy at the stonebrook, i also feel a large birthday balloon coming on LOL

having trouble with the sky box at the mo, a couple of days ago the sky news channel disapppeared and then last night the whole lot went off, got through to sky and they sorted it out but after a couple of hours it went off again, tried again to get through but they cut me off after 15 minutes, so i rang them as soon as i came in this afternoon, and have an engineer coming out on sunday, of course it has been absolutely fine since then but something is obviously wrong with the box.

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