Thursday, 5 February 2009

why do things never change

why do things never change, or maybe why does that woman never change, i try to give her the benefit of the doubt but she proves me wrong everytime, should probably tell you the story, as i was walking down the corridor for my break this morning C tells me she is going to do a consultation to see how i am doing back at work, now normally i would be in a tizz and really worrying about it but thinking well i've only been back at work a couple of weeks i can't be getting wrong surely (as consultations have only ever been used as a tool to tell me how crap i am in my entire working career) but thinks back to cbt and tries to look at it in a balanced way, well things don't change, there was no need to see how i am doing back at work, as usual she had her own agenda, it was all about the al/sick leave policy and how they are going to honour my holidays but some people haven't had their holidays so can i be a bit more sensitive about it, i'm sorry like, it isn't my fault that others haven't had their holidays, i still had 9 days hols left to take anyway so i'm only having 3 days more than what i am entitled to, she then tries the guilt trip to see if i would cancel any of my holidays but there is no way i am,

but the most annoying thing is how she constantly brings up the past, i am trying to get on with my life and look forward to the future but she is constantly commenting on my long sickness abscence, i am starting to write things down so the next consultation i have which no doubt will be to tell me off again (some things never change) i can remember some things i want to bring up instead of going blank

ok rant over LOL its the cybercrop on uks tomorrow and i have nothing prepared LOL

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