Thursday, 26 February 2009

ooh what to call this post LOL

i've been a bad blogger i know, but i don't seem to have had five minutes to myself this week, although i've been on earlys i think today was the first day i managed to get straight home without having some message or other to do, never mind, only have petrol to put in on the way home tomorrow and then it'll be holiday time, mind i have nothing done for my hollies, actually that'sa bit of a lie as i went upstairs early last night and sorted out my tops and dad needs to iron my trousers then i'll be fine, mind you have nothing sorted for dad, maybe i should tell him to pack his own suitcase this time LOL

he surprised me greatly last night when he let slip he hadn't had a cigarrette in 5 weeks, he eventually decided to give up after he couldn't breathe when he was bent down to tie his shoes, i have to say i hadn't noticed in the slightest *tut tut me* not being defeates but lets see how long it lasts this time

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