Saturday, 21 February 2009

happy birthday dad

dad is 76 today, got up about half 10 and gave him his cards and spendies, he got cards off gemma, anne and jim, theresa and peter, and heather as well as two bought and one handmade off me, he seemed happy enough with his spendies and book so that's okay.

we went over to wallsend and got my holiday spendies out for next week, then did a bit of shopping for the holidays and then went and got dad some helium balloons and a flashing birthday boy badge, we then went up to arty and crafty cos kaylee has comissioned me to do her a mothers day card, also got another big card kit for dad.

after that we headed up to the stonebrook, got sat right next to the fire and placed our order, dad had soup, lamb shank amd bread and butter pudding, i had duck parcels, duck leg in cider sauce and duck ice cream..........................LOL i mean caramel apple crumble YUMYUM, we were only back home about 10 minutes though when dad started with the runs, he was as white as a sheet and had such a pain in his tummy and he must have spent at least 20 minutes on the loo, he says he's fine now and has had something to eat and he's still going out to the club so he must be feeling better.

did a bit of scrapping this afternoon, i am almost finished the kaiser craft 40 book i bought, just have another 3 dlo's to do in that then it's all done, i've done loads of journalling in this one which is highly unusal for me, it's usually who, where, when, for my journalling LOL

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