Wednesday, 26 November 2008

occ health and a funeral

not a great day today, firstly i had my second appointment with occupational health, it was ok though, the health advisor says they will be able to access cognitive behaviour therapy through the council so he is going to refer me and i should have heard about it within a couple of weeks rather than having to wait for months through the psychiatry department, so that's a good thing, he wants to see me again in six weeks time and also wants me to try to go in to work for a visit. don't know about that but i might give it a go

had a funeral to go to as well, we found out last night that auntie margaret had died while we were away and her funeral was today, wasn't sure if we could make it but the people at occ health saw me a bit earlier so we were able to get there, ceri and ian were there too and she took my number, hope she doesn't ring though it's always hard to make conversation and she's too needy, and that is something i really don't need at the minute,

dad's gone off to the bowling club and i said i'd pick him up so as soon as we get back in i intend in having a play with my new bia

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