Wednesday, 12 November 2008

weird dream watch #1

had an early night in bed last night due to being so stressed out by this paypal fiasco, took ages to drop off to sleep as usual but wheni did i had another of my trademark weird dreams

i dreamt i was 18 and on a school trip to stockport, we were on a coach and playing games and selling raffle tickets and playing the lottery, as we got close we could see blackpool tower and as we drove along the coast there was a burnt out jumbo jet in the sea, when we stopped for fish and chips i went to the toilet and had a haemorrage (sp?) and was lying on the toilet floor in pools of blood, other people kept coming into the toilet and stepping over me and just leaving me there, so i managed to drag myself out of the toilet and started throwing tins of beans that were lying on the floor at people to get their attention.

any ideas anyone or am i in need of urgent psychiatric treatment :lol:

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