Tuesday, 11 November 2008

why can't i smile?

i was going to do some scrapping today but never got round to it what with spending most of the afternoon screaming down the phone to the imbecile's at paypal, and being a chauffeur for dad, but i aslo had to go and get some passport photo's taken.

the boss at work had reaslised that all of our crb shecks were out of date so we need knew ones and i set about filling in my form. it requests proof of identity one form being a valid passport, whoops i don't have one and i'll be damned if i'm paying 70 quid plus for one so decidedto go the cheaper route of a photo driving liscense (still £17.50)

so off i goes to wallsend while dad was in the chiropodist and got my photo's taken, 4 qiud!!!! for 4 photo's!!!!! they're only 5p a print in asda!!!! and why the hell can't you smile on them, i mean i'm not saying a big cheesy grin but just a litle smile, i look such a miserable cow in them!!!!! so on the subject of cows (we may not have been but we are now) thought i'd show you one of my many cow lo's, i have a bit of an obsession with them you see :)

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