Saturday, 15 November 2008

to tidy or not to tidy that is the question!

been having a lazy morning, reading the papers, catching up on uks, eating greggs scicillian lemon muffins :) then after that though i'd better make a start on the holiday packing, dad's suitcase took 10 mins, i took a bit longer deciding just exactly what i would take with me, i've made my mind uo but i won't pack it all until later on to save the creases,

so i sat in the craft room and looked around, the place looks like a bomb has been dropped LOL so do i tidy it up, do i leave it until we get back from scotland bearing in mind i'll have to pack my crop bag for the sunderland crop when we get back or do i just leave it until i get back from the sunderland crop

desicions desicions !!!!!!

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