Saturday, 30 January 2010

you cannot be serious LOL

had a great night out last night with a few of my mates from work, we went to an italian restaurant for a change and had a lovely meal, a good laugh, a bit of a bitch and generally put the world to rights, got a lift home and it was cold but clear and a nice night, by the time i got sleepy in bed and was ready to get comfy i opened my eyes, thought it was a bit light, looked out of the window and there it was back to 6 inches of bloody snow in the garden GRRRR i mean c'mon we've just got rid of the last lot of the bloody stuff LOL so bang goes the plan to go out looking at cars today and i'm glad i hadn't booked to go to the crop in durham cos that would have been a fiver wasted.

amm off out again tonight for a chinese this time, another good chat and a nice bottle or two of wine, so will probably be very late in and very late up tomorrow LOL

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