Thursday, 14 January 2010

the start of a new cj

my new pass it on cj starts tomorrow, so i thought i would email my scraplift off to my partner rebekah tonight as i will be late in tomorrow, the idea of the cj is that i chose a lo and scraplift it, i chose a lo by relliott on uks as she has such a lovely style, i always like her lo's and loved this one as soon as i saw it, rachael has very kindly let me put it on here so i can see how much it has changed in 10 months time, thanks rachael. i then produce a lo from her original, i pass that on by email to my cj partner who scrap lifts it and sends it on to her partner etc etc etc until it comes back to me, i actually love the way it turned out, i think it's a really nice photo of me which is not something you hear from me very often LOL


Rachael said...

Aw Debbie thankyou, love your version fab photo of you to!

Eileen said...

Love the LO, Debbie - and it's a great photo of you too!

It will be fascinating to see how the 'Chinese Whispers' of scrapping progresses, and how the scraplifted LOs end up.

Carol said...

Lovely LO, Debbie, beautiful photos and like the theme.

Carol X

Sandra said...

Have to say I love both layouts - and I really like the colours you've used and such a great picture of you :)