Sunday, 31 January 2010

bloody taxi company

had a great night out last night, it was lovely to see v and to share her excitement about her new grandchild who still hadn't made an appearence, we toasted the future mum, dad and grandparents, ate great chinese food amd had a laugh, until it was home time, v's taxi arrived on time, c's hubby arrived on time, i gave my taxi ten minutes then rang " he's on his way" gave it another 10 minutes " he couldn't find it so we're sending another taxi up" waited until 1/4 to midnight (taxi was booked for 11 !!!!) " he's five minutes away" rang again at midnight " oh you meant garth 24 not 22" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to them everytime i rang i told them the wrong address !!!!!!!!!!!!! i was livid, and even more so when i got home to find dad still up, totally panic stricken because he thought i'd been in an accident and had been trying unsuccessfully to ring the taxi company to see where i was. NOTE TO SELF do not use battle hill taxis ever again

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