Saturday, 9 January 2010

bad timing

today was supposed to be my birthday crop and come hell or high snow i was getting there, what i didn't bank on was waking up this morning with the most terrible migraine :( got myself up to take my medication only to be sick in the bathroom, so had to wait a bit until i knew my stomach was settled enough to take the tablet, by which time the head was agony and the aura i could see in my right eye had become a complete circle :( so i knew there was no way i was going to get to the crop so i texted h and s and left a message on uks to let peeps know, took the tablet and headed back to bed, i woke up 5 hours later in a lot less pain but feeling very woolly headed :( lousy timing huh? plus ot means i have an entire birthday cake to get through, now do i be generous and take it into work or do we start eating it now LOL

went outside to take some photo's of the snow as i feel it is quite important to document this freak weather we seem to be having, i wonder if the littlies at work will remember this bad winter when they are all grown up? any way we have 9 inches of snow in the garden, more in some places but i can't get the ruler all the way to the ground as i hit solid ice in some parts, there are some lovely icicles hanging from the neighbours roofs, we don't have any as the snow keeps sliding off our roof.

have been on the phone to the black door restaurant to make sure they are open this evening which they are then i rang the biscuit factory gallery to check if they were open, it's a good job i did as they close at 6pm now instead of 7:30pm like they used too, so change of plan, no looking around the gallery first, so our taxi is booked for 7pm :)

off to edit the photo's i have just taken now then i'm going upstairs to do a bit of scrapping :)

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