Saturday, 2 January 2010

normality resumes

or as near as we will ever get to normal in our household LOL the tree is down and all the decorations except for one solitary bauble which i must remember to take upstairs tonight , i actually took all the decs down last night and we sat with just the tree lights on and the window lights and it made me realise how nice it actually looked, and i think for xmas 2010 i will just be putting the tree and window lights up as well as the village and icy ivor but that is probably it, i mean i love all the xmas tat up but it takes at least a day and a half to put up and the same to take it all back down again.

the snow is still here but has started to melt quite bit and we have only had the odd flurry of the stuff today, the snowman is no more, the birds came yesterday and ate the peanuts which were his eyes and nose and when i got up today his head had fallen off AAHH poor snowman LOL here are some more photo's i took yesterday

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