Wednesday, 20 January 2010

a late one

last night was a late one as i didn't get in from work until after half seven as we had had a staff meeting, i was feeling a bit down too cos of some of the things that were said, maybe i'm being a bit paranoid but i really feel like my best just isn't good enough and i am having to justify everything i do, and how come we are getting compliments one minute then everything we do is not the right way of thinking anymore and that's all in the space of 2 days GRRRRR

anyhoo i've been home since 4ish and after making a rather delicous broth and dumplings for tea i had another go at the digi scrapping malarkey and tonight i learned how to put text onto my lo so i can do journalling, here are the three i have done tonight

1 comment:

Sandra said...

wow ... you've got digi scrapping down to a fine art. Fab layouts.