Sunday, 10 January 2010

hoping i'm not speaking too soon.................

but the snow is melting like billy oh here, when i took photo's yesterday it was just a blanket of white in the garden, but today there are patches of green showing through, let's hope it continues and it's all gone by tomorrow LOL

had a really lovely birthday meal at the black door last night , i had a mojito cocktail to start with then i had black pudding with a poached egg on top to start while dad had a prawn cocktail, wine was a chilean merlot, main courses were rump steak and chips for dad and venison steak with pasta, walnuts and bacon for me, dessert wine was a glass of elysium black muscat, puddings were bread and butter pudding for dad and warm chocolate and coffee tart with butternut squash pannecotta for me followed by a double espresso and a whole pot of their delicious chocolate coffee beans.

have finally got round to installing my new printer and uninstalling the old one, it was really easy to install and the piccies it prints are very nice quality too :)

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