Sunday, 27 January 2013

Les miserables!

Well since the snow has all but disappeared i decided to take myself off to go and see les mis at the cinema. I absolutely adore the music from the stage show and have practically worn out my 10th anniversary original cast dvd and know the songs word for word! Have to admit for the first hour and a bit i was a little disappointed. Who knew Russell Crowe had such a good voice but i think Hugh Jackman might have had a bit of help especially on "Bring him home". I thought Sasha Baron Cohen ruined the part of Thernardier with his crap accent. But the second all the young students started to sing together on "Red" and "Do you here the people sing" i loved it! And yes i need copious amounts of tissues at the end LOL I think i want to go and see it again just to be on the safe side!

Of course since i came home i haven't stopped singing the songs so i decided it was time to watch the 25th anniversary dvd again and i've booked tickets for me and dad (who decided he wanted to come and see it cos i've never shut up about it since i got home) to go and see it tomorrow :-)

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