Friday, 18 October 2013

Lots to tell this week!

I had a couple of days off work this week and determined not to waste it i took myself off out every single day, saturday i headed to Craster and was very proud of myself for walking at least three miles, to Dunstanburgh castle and back, around the castle and around Craster itself :-) treat myself to a kipper for lunch and a crab for tea, yum yum! Sunday i headed off to the wetland centre in Washington. Have to admit i was very dubious at first as it appeared to be in the middle of a trading estate, but once inside it's a proper little gem. Did lots more walking and feeding the birdies and spending time in the hides watching even more birdies. Had such a good time i decided to become a member and also got a couple of birdie books so i can start to identify said birdies LOL Monday i headed off to the roman army museum near Greenhead, followed by Vindolanda and fruit picking in Corbridge. It was a dreadful day weather wise but the further west i got the brighter the weather became, the only rain i saw was at Corbridge and meant i couldn't go fruit picking. Over the moon to have lost another two pounds this week, must have been all the walking i did cos i've had lunch out every day of my mini break. The last day of my time off i headed off to alnwick to do the garden and to go to barter books. Loved the poison garden tour and the serpentine garden and enjoyed a sausage sarnie in the sunshine before heading off to barter books. Here i discovered i'm a book snob and only like new books LOL these were all grubby and dirty so i came home with nothing!

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