Saturday, 20 April 2013

Home again home again!

Had a really lovely time, the gig was fab though i ended up moving seats twice because of rude people who just wouldn't stop talking throughout the entire thing! Why pay that much for a ticket to hold a shouted conversation throughout. Ended up right at the back where i had to watch the concert on the big screen but at least i could hear it! Sheffield arena is huge, holding about 3000 more people than the metro radio arena, so the needed the big screens up otherwise meatloaf looked about an inch tall on the stage LOL The hotel was really nice and did a great breakfast, and there are lots of places i could quite fancy visiting down there so i can see a long weekend ahead where i just might go back.

Am totally exhausted now though. It was obviously national nutters on the road day, i lost count of the amount of near misses with people who obviously don't use there mirrors at all!

Took loads of photos as i was at a wildlife park before the gig and took quite a few at the gig too :-) will get them onto the laptop so i can show you all :-)

Ooh forgot to add i had a wee visit to art from the heart on the way home :-) all the dylusional ink sprays fell into my basket as well as some distress inkpads and a few other bits and bobs :-) luckily dad is out so i can get them into the craft room without him knowing LOL

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