Sunday, 15 September 2013

long time no blog

and a lot has happened since i last blogged! we had a lovely holiday in Leuchars, gorgeous weather, great cottage and fabulous food but just before we went away i noticed a lump in my calf and a very inflammed vein at the top of my thigh, it got worse while we were away so ended up at the doctors who diagnosed phlebitis and cellulitis and put me on antibiotics. due to my being allergic to penicillin i had to have erythromicin which counter acted with my cholesterol medicine and anti depressants so had to come off them. well after five weeks of antibiotics, 9 visits to various doctors, a&e and the walk in centre someone decided to do a blood test which came back, no infection, i had a blood clot in my calf! so since the end of june i've been on warfarin :-( work has been it's usual understanding self!!! so stress has been building up and i've been getting more and more anxious. we then had another holiday away, right up to the moray firth which was lovely but because i was feeling so stressed i spent most of the time worrying about work :-( if it hadnt have been for the fact i was meeting a friend i've been chatting to online for years on the friday evening we would have been home on the thursday. anyway i've had to go back onto the anti depressants which i'm rather sad about and i have to stay on the warfarin until the end of october but i have made one positive descision and thats to go back to slimming world. went back on monday as i've put 3 1/2 of the 7 stone i had lost back on and i wasnt letting it get any more. so lets see how things go

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