Thursday, 8 March 2012

Once again

I forgot to update my weight loss LOL lost 4.5lbs this week to take mw to 41lbs over all in 8 weeks, am desperate to get my 3 stone award and my club ten award next week, the club ten award is when you have lost ten percent of your body weight so really want to get those two stickers next week. To help me along i'm eating loads of super free food like salad and veg and fruit and have upped my swimming to a target of 120 lengths this week, went for a swim last night and was aiming for 30 lengths, was having such a nice time i decided to keep going and either did 40 or 42 LOL i lost count when i was swimming length 21 and wasn't sure whether it was 21 or 23 so i swam two more just to make sure :) loaded with cold today so having a night off the swimming, i would hate to sneeze mid length and i've got nowhere to keep my hanky dry LOL going tomorrow night though once all the kids are out of course.

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