Thursday, 1 March 2012


ever since i have started on my slimming world journey i have wanted to be slimmer of the week just once and so far it had never happened until tuesday night. i stepped on the scales secretly hoping for 3 cos that would take me down into another stone bracket but prepared for a smaller loss. imagine my utter delight when penny pronounced i had lost 8lbs, so not only had i gone down into the next stone bracket, i had got my 2.5 stone sticker and was then pronounced slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month with a total weight loss in feb of 17.5lbs and in seven weeks a grand total of 36.5 lbs :-) then to top the evening i won the raffle prize too :-)

so it looks like the swimming is paying off so i've done 52 lengths over the passed 2 nights. having a night off tomorrow though :-)

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Sandra said...

Honestly, I tell nearly everyone how well you're doing :)