Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Back x2

Back from a fantastic little break in dumfries and galloway, lovely little lodge in the middle of nowhere yet five minutes from the main road so we could explore. Saw rabbits, deer, pheasents, red kite, lots of cows and sheep, some newborn lambs and of course my favourite highland cows. Had really lovely weather, in fact yesterday i was strolling along the beach at rockcliffe in t-shirt sleeves in 16 degree sunshine filling my pockets with sea glass and pretty shells. Back too from weigh in, i wanted to go to weigh in even though it was a different class to my normal one as i was worried that being away for the weekend i would put weight on, i tried so hard over the days away and kind of stuck to red days, having meat/fish and vegetables, i was hoping to stay the same and secretly hoping for a pound loss for my club ten so imagine my shock when i stepped on the scales and i had lost 9.5lbs :-) that is 52.5lbs or 3 stone 10.5 lbs in ten weeks :-) such a happy bunny, i'll have to go away more often LOL

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