Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mixed feelings

I lost two pounds tonight so i got my three stone award but not my club ten, so i will be honest i was disappointed. My average weight loss over the 9 weeks is 5lbs which if i could keep that up for a year is a massive 18 stone :-o i'm going away for a few days at the weekend so not getting my club 10 this week has made my determined come hell or high water i'm getting it next week before the retreat at sarahs cards. What was a total surprise was to be the groups greatest loser, this is run from march to march every year and even though i've only been going for 9 weeks with my 3stone 1lb loss i was the greatest loser of my group. So i got a sash, certificate and bouquet of flowers as well as a sticker to go on my book. So,as i say onwards and downwards to the next stone award :-)

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