Saturday, 31 March 2012

and here's the rest :-)

here's the other layout's i did at the retreat. not a patch on the classes i know but i'm happy with them and that's all that counts at the end of the day.
this was done with the challenge kit we were given on the firday night. the title takes some explaining as i put it on after having been on the phone to dad for 15 minutes explaining to him he could watch a film on channel 4+1. of course because i didn't know the exact channel number he had to go through them all until he found it LOL my table buddies, rachael, lynne and jill were howling with laughter LOL and this is the man who wants an ipad LOL

taken on our weekend away to dumfries and galloway with my trusty pogo arm LOL really love this photo of us both :-)
found these little flowers while wandering along dhoon beach near kirkcudbright. thought they were worth a photo, you know me and my liking for unusual photos LOL thanks to rachael for the twine which was perfect for this lo.

more beach finds, i gathered by the names drawn in the sand that grace and harry had been there before me and had been rather busy :-)

a lo for my weight loss journey book. taken on dad's birthday i hadn't quite lost 3 stone than but it was easier than writing 2 stone 9 and a half pounds LOL

near where we stayed in dumfries and galloway was the old schoolhouse restaurant. we went for breakfast every morning and this was the sweet counter, any kind of sticky bun and cake you could imagine, all home made. i was very good and lasted three days before giving in to a piece of chocolate and raspberry roulade and a piece of toffee, honey and walnut tart! oh dear me, delicious LOL
no editing to this photo of the reflection in the moat at caelaverock castle, it really was that glorious :-)

it wasn't such a nice day when i took this photo, in fact it was the only bad day we had in the five days away. dhoon beach and the headland from the car park, it was a great beach with the skeleton of a boat in the bay, loads of rocks and pretty shells and sea glass to pick up
found this carved into the wall at caelaverock castle, they went in for permanent graffitti in the late 1800's

close up of the inside of the daffodil that was on our table at the schoolhouse restaurant. told you i did unusual photos LOL
well that's it for now, i've put them all away in the various albums they're assigned to. goodness knows when the next lot of photos will be, i'm hopeless at taking photos of my lo's


Jackie xxx said...

some great layouts here, wow - you where certainly busy.

Helsbells said...

Very busy indeed! Love your photos - you've got an eye for the details of life :)

Love the photo of you on the weight loss page - you can tell how proud you are.

Sandra said...

Wow, super impressed

gwyneth said...

Lovely LO's Debbie. You're table wasn't the only one that had the giggles listening to your phone call to your Dad, bless him!

Rachael Elliott said...

Totally gorgeous Debbie and I am still in awe of your speed!! Bless your Dad I think we will all remember that phone call :)

Liz said...

Lovely LOs Debs... I like what you did with your CW kit, still haven't cut into mine!!

Woobear said...

Fantastic LO's Debbie and brilliant photo's. Love the title for your Dad Lol.