Saturday, 31 March 2012

hoping i'm not the last LOL

but i am finally getting round to uploading my lo's from the sarahs cards retreat other wise known as the BEST scrapping weekend ever :-) thought i'd do the classes first so in no particular order here they are :-) which ones your favourite?

the first class i did which was tracey's class, this was the first time she had done a lo class at the retreat and she was very nervous, bless her LOL she needn't have been of course, the class was fantastic and is one of my favourites of the whole weekend. and i heard nothing but praise for tracey's class so i am hoping she'll teach another one next year :-)

this is lou's class, it's fabulous isn't it? loads of little elements making up the whole page. there was a lot of cutting and measuring, and i don't normally do cutting but it was so worth it, love this lo. 

ifa's class next. loved the spraying and the pp's, think i need to do something with the lettering to make it stand out more.

this one is claire's class, we had to paint and ink the chipboard to look like weathered wood and make the flower. yes i made that flower LOL love this one too and i got the title from america's next top model (yes i am sad enough to watch that LOL)

helen's class now, which caused much hilarity when for just a second she forgot we weren't her school class and she told us all to shhhh LOL cue lots of  "please miss" and hands up and silliness on the back row LOL loved this one, it's so much nicer in real life, all glittery and the thickers are metallic. and the chevron on the top was pieced by hand.
and lastly jen's class. i didn't go to this class cos i was so exhausted and needed to pack everything away so i went and got the kit and did it at home yesterday. turns out it's another of my favourite classes, the photo is mounted onto acetate and i drew a template to get all the pp in the right place. so apologies jen i won't be cutting class next year.
well here's hoping you like all my efforts, i did another 10 lo's as well as these so will share them later on in the week. I just want to say ah huge thankyou to Sarah, Lianne, all the teachers and the design team for all their hard work into making it such a wonderful weekend and roll on next year.


heatherblossom said...


Helsbells said...

Love your pages. Great versions of the classes :)

I don't think I'm going to ever live down giving you lot those shushes!

Sandra said...

FAB ...U ...LOUS

gwyneth said...

You've made a fab job of the classes Debbie, still got Lou's to finish here !!

Rachael Elliott said...

Debbie all your class pages look gorgeous!!!

Tracy said...

All your finished class layouts look fabulous Debbie. Thanks for your kind words about my class, I'm so glad you liked it.
Tracy. x