Sunday, 4 July 2010

holiday photos !!!!

just a few from the 200 + i took, will wittle them down to about fifty to print out for my album and the rest will go on a disc to be kept, don't ya just love digital cameras LOL (was going to add more but blogger isn't co-operating so i'll have to make do with the three for now )
first things first, the first (but not last) strawberry tart and raspberry smoothy at charleton farm, strawberry tarts just won't be the same after these ones LOL
unusual flower in the gardens at the house of dun in montrose, lovely gardens but we never got to see round the house as we were always to early to go in and i wasn't waiting around for an hour, too much to do LOL
enjoying an abroath smokie by the harbour and gaining a friend who was very polite and just stood there until we threw him the skin which he enjoyed!

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Lisa said...

Now! that is what I call a Strawberry Tart!!!


L x