Wednesday, 5 May 2010

not a good day

dad had his annual health check up at the doctors yesterday which involved blood and urine tests, he gets a phone call at 6pm to say they needed to see him urgently today because of the results, it appears that his kidneys may be packing up, probably due to the side effects of a medicine he has been on for his heart since he had his stroke years ago, so the doctors have taken him off this medication to help his kidneys but this means his risk of having another stroke or a heart attack have soared, he has an appointment to go and see the consultant nephrologist at the freeman hospital in june and has to go back to the doctors every week until then so they can check how his kidneys are doing. so i'm watching him like a hawk, managed to get a half day off work the day of his appointment though so at least i can go with him and find out first hand what they are planning to do


Candace said...

Thinking of you both

Hugs Candace x

Hummie said...

I am sorry about your Dad. I pray that his health issues improve.