Monday, 31 May 2010

especially for mrs a !!!!

managed to get up into the craft room today and was on a roll with 8 single lay outs done and 1 double, promised h i would put them up here for her to have a look at so here goes, in no particular order, a random selection of the march holiday album,
the first photo is of the inside and outside of our lodge, it was gorgeous, so well appointed and a lot bigger than it looks in the brochure and on the web.

this one is of the linn of dee near braemar, i'm experimenting with different shapes and multi photo layouts in this album as i thought my last album looked a bit samey as all the photo's were 7x5. next photo is of the otters at the scottish deer centre in fife, they had this huge enclosure and were nowhere to be seen so i shouted "hello otters" and they came running over, i was well impressed.
i love this photo of the deer at the auchengarrich wildlife park, he was so greedy trying to get all of the food we had and he even licked the lens of my camera, so not a good move mate LOL

did a double layout for the first time in ages of us panning for gold at the highland adventure safari lodge, dad seemed to only find gravel and a few bits of semi precious stones, i fared a bit better, i found lots of fools gold, bits of amethyst and rose quartz and then right at the end i found a piece of real gold LOL if i can remember where i put it the plan is to put it on the lo too LOL this next one is from the off road safari we went on, the village in the bottom of the glen is fortingall and we have visited there driving through the glen to get to aberfeldy, never thought i'd be up a mountain to take photos of it from above LOL

took this next photo when we disobeyed the warning signs and stopped on the drive down to glamis castle LOL used the brooke collection from crate paper here, just love the stuff they are doing at the minute
okay, bored now and the asda delivery has just arrived so i need to go and put that away, so here's the final 3 from today, think i might go open a bottle of wine now and chill with my book for a while


My simple life said...

wow good work debbie, you have been busy! particually love the circular one. :)

KraftyKaren said...

Wow Debbie you have been productive today - really lovely layouts.

nikki said...

Fabulous layouts Debbie a really good reminder of a lovely holiday

heatherblossom said...

lush lo's hun, the otter one is just gorgeous:D

Winnie said...

Wow Debbie, you certainly had a productive holiday!! I love all your LOs as they all look fabulous!