Sunday, 23 May 2010

bit of a shock

to discover last night that the woman who murdered her two children in spain used to live next door to us about ten years ago, and her parents live up the street, even more of a shock to discover that some of our "lovely" (meant in a very sarcastic tone) neighbours have been describing her poor parents as weird and reclusive to the local rag just because they haven't spoken to them :0 i don't speak to that particular set of neighbours either but it doesn't make me weird and reclusive just bloody choosy :0 i was so upset by the article i have sent an email to the rag telling them exactly what i thought, the poor parents J and D have just lost two grandchildren, have a daughter accused of murder the last thing they need is their neighbours talking about them like that, i aslo had to laugh at the street being called a close knit community LOL yeah right, a close knit community would have told the reporters to sod off and would have been offering as much help and support to J and D as they want, ooh it makes my blood boil the lenghts peolpe will go to just to see their name in print, stupid people

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Suzy said...

I know how you feel Debbie. One of my daughter's school pals was murdered recently just along the road from us. A boy from the school has been arrested. His funeral was on Saturday and my daughter attended the memorial at the school also on Saturday. His uncle who suffered from depression had gone missing and his body was fished out of the River Clyde on Saturday. My heart goes out to the family. My daughter said reporters were queued up at the school gate on Saturday - blooming sickos the lot of them

Suxy x