Friday, 14 May 2010

bye bye queen b

has been a sad day at work today as my best friend at work retired today and now i am the only one of the "dream team" left, the dream team was when me b and v all worked together in the same room and it was possibly the happiest time of my working life as we worked so well together and really complimented each others strengths, so i was very sad to see b go although she deserves a fab retirement things will just not be the same without her there, she was completely overwhelmed by the gifts, cards and flowers she received from staff and parents and most of us have spent the day weeping buckets LOL i took her home tonight and the boot of my car was packed to the hilt with all her lovely stuff, won't be long before i see her again though as we and some other friends are going out for tea next friday night and supper next saturday :)

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Suzy said...

Ah Debbie I know how you feel. A couple of years ago I left the place I worked in for 14 years. ALthough I see most of the girls frequently its not the same as being together every day. Just make sure you stay in touch. PS still cant make my mind up which camera to buy - Im such a ditherer x