Sunday, 9 May 2010

lazy sunday afternoon

spent the afternoon printing out photos so i can start my march holiday scrapbook, i ran out of paper halfway through and when i looked i only had matt left and there was no way i could have half of the photos glossy and half of them matt could i ???? LOL so i ran up to pc world which is just up the road from me and got the paper and another couple of ink cartridges while i was there, it was great as the cartridges are only a tenner compared to the 50+ quid i used to pay for my hp ones anyway i thinks to myself i'll have a little look at the cameras while i'm here, it can't hurt right LOL long story short i have had my eye on the samsung cameras with the lcd screen on the front so you can see what you are doing if taking a self portrait but had decided they were far too expensive at well over 200 quid,

well they had one today with one hundred pounds off it, now what is a girl to do with a credit card burning a hole in her pocket LOL so i thought it would be rude not to take advantage of such a bargain so the camera came home with me LOL just waiting for it to charge up then i can have a play LOL

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Suzy said...

That camera sounds fab Debbie. My little fuji point and shoot has given up the ghost and I'm looking for a replacement. Didnt want to spend more than £80.00 but now thinking a wee bit more than that might get me one which is heaps better. Let us know what you think of this one or do you have another you would recommend