Sunday, 30 May 2010

the best laid plans............

..............of mice and men, go out the window when your bum is attached to the toilet bowl all day LOL wasn't laughing yesterday though when the tummy bug that is rife at work at the mo struck me down, oh no it certainly wasn't funny when i couldn't even go upstairs into my craft room for fear of not being able to make it downstairs in time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yesterday i drank gallons of water to flush the bad bugs away and (touching wood) today i feel well enough to make the trip up to my craft room a with only a little trepidation LOL mind you i am starving LOL but i think i'll stick dried toast today.

on the plus side i did get lots of my latest book read as i sat pondering the meaning of life LOL

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Suzy said...

Yuk Debbie, hope you feel better today. Im just back from the carabvan in Northumberland and feeling chilled out and even got some crafting done