Wednesday, 24 February 2010

two more sleeps

until loch house farm and meeting up with lots of fellow scrappers :) i am rather excited by it all, a tad stressed by the amount of crap i seem to be taking and fed up that i can't get a definite yes or no as to whether i can have a couple of hours toil from work to get away :(

work was awful today as we have been having a window in the bathroom turned into a door, both r and i have bad chests at the mo and it got to the point where we could both hardly breathe, r has her inhaler but i have nothing so i ended up swapping rooms for a while until i coughed up lots of crap and a bit of lung then i felt a lot better

got the car cleaned out ready for friday and have put petrol in, just need to go to the bank for some spendies and get the many bags and suitcases sorted ready for friday LOL fingers x'd that the weather stays ok, yesterday they were forcasting the dawn of a new ice age where today it's forecast for rain, rain i can cope with, i'm a bit more stressed about the driving in the snow .

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