Sunday, 7 February 2010

a very interesting day

yesterday turned out to be rather interesting if not a bit confusing, decided to go looking for a new car, there were lots i liked, some i loved and one or two i hated instantly LOL the first serious contender was the ford fiesta, it's really nice, has lots of bells and whistles to play with and the colour is just so me :) then we went down to the silverlink where i tried out a fiat punto which became serious contender number two, it's lovely a nice colour and has lots of bells and whistles to play with, i sort of got put off it slightly later on when i was reading the brochure to discover that a spare tyre is an optional extra :O but am still going to go and have a second look, we then went up to the peugot garage, really just to tick it off the list and i was completely surprised to fall head over heels in love with the 207, i adore everything about it EXCEPT the colour, i could only get it in boring colours so that has really put me off.

we then decided to go up to scotswood road to the garages along there so for the first time ever i actually drove through that part of town, and can i just say i am so glad i don't have to do that every bloody day LOL anyway we went to the kia garage but as soon as i sat in that one i knew i really couldn't live with a five door and they don't do them in 3 doors, the same with the hyundai i20, went to the ford garage up there and went as far as getting them to give me a price for my car and was quite pleasantly surprised when they offered me 4k :) so am very tempted cos even if the ford garage round here won't do me a deal, i've got that one to fall back on :) then we went along to the seat garage, now this is where i was heading all day really cos i really really had my heart set on a seat ibiza, they had one in orange on display so we headed straight for that, i sat in it and instantly detested it :O it was horrid, so i was very honest with the salesman and we came home LOL

so today the plan is to have lunch then to head back to the ford and fiat garages, do test drives and then talk money, so by tonight i should be the proud owner of some kind of new car LOL

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