Sunday, 21 February 2010

happy birthday dear dad LOL

think dad has enjoyed his birthday today :) he had the presents and cards opened by the time i got up, we went out for lunch to the stonebrook which was lovely then came home and did the weekly shop then i got sent upstairs to get things sorted for the retreat next week, i have packed my crop bags and have gone for the everything and the kitchen sink approach LOL i'll need a crane to help me get them down the stairs and into the car LOL i'm just hoping the weather gets better, we have had lots of snow flurries today :(:(:( at tea time we had birthday cake and candles and a few photo's to treasure then he had a slice of cake and some of his mini fruit cake, i just had a wee bit of the fruit cake as i am still stuffed from lunch and last night LOL

almost have my suitcase packed too, the thing that is taking up the most room is my lovely new dressing gown but i want to take it so i can snuggle into it at night time, planning on taking my pillows with me too in the vain hope i might get some sleep LOL

need to go and make my lunch for tomorrow then i think it will be an early night in bed as i'm exhausted

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