Wednesday, 3 February 2010

uks challenges

have done the house challenge for the first time in ages over on uks and have also done the february week one challenge too, loving the fact i am getting to the challenges as i feel i can do them digi rather than feeling i was wasting precious pp just to get points for the team. Talking of points for the team i had a massive 420 points last month, can't wait to see what percentage of the team total my contibution is LOL the weekly challenge was to scrap pink (check) use bling (check) and use your old stash, well i don't have any old digi stash so had to just claim the 20 points instead of the normal 30, the house challenge was to scrap something or someone who lifts your spirits, i chose good old scotland as it always makes me smile, except when i have to come home and i cry LOL one of these days i will be living up there .

have decided i need to go back to the doctors next week, well actually my friends reckon i should go and see the nurse as she might be able to help me better, i am having dreadful trouble with the monthlies, i lose so much blood it is scary, they are also becoming a bit of a nightmare time wise, i'm having a show then nothing for a week or so then they come on like i've slashed an artery, i'm also feeling sick all the time and so tired yet i can't sleep and even when i do i cat nap or wake up completely exhausted still, i am constantly full of cold or feeling achy and sore and i have started this week with any form of food is going straight through me and i've been going up to 6 times a day, so (pardon the pun) but i feel like shit LOL luckily i only have a few weeks to go until the start of my retreat weekends away and then it's our holidays and then it's easter so a nice lazy time coming up

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