Monday, 4 May 2009

where's the noisy neighbour

when you need him, i mean c'mon i needed to be up earlyish to go out and play this morning, i wakes up at 8:40 thinks i'll have a few more mins as b is usually out in the garden by 9, that'll give me plenty of time to go out, i closes my eyes and when i open them again it's 20 past 10 LOL

still managed to get dow to the royal quays where i picked up some bits and pieces including some photo paper, a pack of cards with ww2 posters on them which i plan to use on atc's and as ephemera and a lovely pair of trainers at cotton traders, they are made to go in the water while wearing them so hopefully that means they'll keep my feet cool.

was going to go to the silverlink on the way back but since people where queueing to get into the car park i just turned round and came back home, was going to go to borders to treat myself to some new books or a magazine so now i'll have to checkout amazon to see if they have anything nice

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