Saturday, 9 May 2009

ungodly hour

well that's what it felt like when i dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 this morning to get the car to the garage for 8am, was there before they opened but didn't have long to wait, i explained the problem and they said they would do a free brake check if i would like to wait, so i just sat and read my book for half an hour until they came and said there was nothing wrong with the brakes and that the squealing noise was probably because the drivers side front brake was slightly misaligned and he had adjusted it for me. so it cost me nothing and i was home for 8:45am

went along to the silverlink and went into boots and treat myself to a hair dye, decided i'm sick of the natural look so i'm going deep burgundy red, well that's the plan anyway, whether it will show up in my hair is another matter LOL them went over to borders and got a copy of the scrapbook trends magazine everyone is raving about, it is quite good and i will buy the next edition to see what that's like, there were some nice lo's in it and quite a few i will probably scrap lift LOL also bought myself the owls overnight bag that matches my handbag and purse and also got the washbag so i think i will manage to get everything i need for the sarahs cards retreat into them (only 300 days to go and counting LOL)

made a lovely 8x8 acrylic album of all the photo's i took of the vintage adverts when we went to the motor museum near north berwick when we were up there in march, it turned out really lovely and i plan to take some photo's of it tomorrow to stick on here

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