Friday, 29 May 2009

bon soir mes amies

or something like that LOL been a really busy week at work due to being short staffed and we had the training day as well and somewhere in the middle of this i lost my mind and volunteered to go into the kitchen today as j our cook was off, yes i volunteered, don't know what possessed me LOL as it was everything ran really smoothly and the lunch was on time, cooked properly and so far i haven't poisoned anyone (i think LOL)

had some lovely parcels this week from qvc and from kipling, yes i bought myself another kipling bag LOL a tiny lilac one for the night times of our holidays, also got some lovely vintage photo rubbons from qvc and some xmas card kits so i'm planning in making a start on them at the crop tomorrow as well as doing the class maria has planned

oh and rip pinky appleby a well love guinea pig who is now happily munching vegetabes in that great big hutch in the sky

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