Saturday, 16 May 2009

durham crop

i had a really lovely time at the crop today, we had 10 people there altogether and dianne has been out and bought another couple of tables so we can get more peeps in which is great, i managed to do all four of the lo's that i had planned and they all turned out pretty good in my humble opinion, i will try and get some photo's taken tomorrow, couldn't get them done today as the heavens opened just as i left the shop and it pelted down nearly all the way home and it's pretty dark and gloomy as i type so no chance of decent piccies tonight

it's the eurovision song contest tonight, now i normallly hate the bloody thing with a passion but last year ended up watching it while chatting to some ladies on uks and it was such a laugh so i might just end up watching it again this year, not that we'll win of course LOL

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