Saturday, 29 September 2012

what a few weeks

i've had! i'll be so glad when next friday comes and i get to have some time off, with hopefully a lot of sleeping taking place! so tired both physically and mentally so really need the break. waiting for our new sofas to be delivered, they were supposed to come last week so i got rid of our sofas and now they aren't coming until next thursday :-( so i've been sitting on the floor and dad has been in a deckchair, well i've now made myself a bit of a nest on the floor with lots of cushions, duvets and pillows so i'm a lot more comfortable. mind you it's a good job i've lost 95lbs cos i'd never be able to get up and down off the floor otherwise LOL lost another 2lbs this week which took me up to the 95lbs and 15lbs in three weeks with weigh watchers, it's coming off slower but it's still coming off. had ordered myself a lush new jacket which arrived today but there was so much fluff coming off it i'm sending it straight back. meant i had to order the more expensive coat i liked but hey ho LOL

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