Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Knew this would happen

I was at the hospital this afternoon to get the results of my scans and to find out what they are going to do regarding the pain i am in all the time from the cyst. Well as it turns out they plan on doing sweet bugger all! It's not "typical" cyst pain according to doctor, yet surgeon who saw me in hospital the other night said it was. I have to go back in three months time for yet another scan to make sure the pain isn't from the cyst! So i have three months of pain and no sleep due to the pain to look forward to. Gee thanks nhs! The next time i'm on morphine and screaming with the pain i'll just think, it's okay, it's not typical cyst pain, i'm fine, it's all in my head!

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Dawn said...

If the pain doesn't go away just keep badgering them, they'll do something eventually!