Saturday, 22 September 2012

a loss and a trip out

weigh in number two since my journey to the dark side and i lost three pounds this week taking me to 93 lbs altogether, still hoping for the 100lbs mark very soon :-) bought myself a satnav the other day as i have a couple of trips into city centres in the near future and wanted to be able to find my way there without any stress. decided i would head out for a trip in the car to somewhere i hadn't been before to test the thing out. after much research (well a quick perusal of the visit northumberland website!) i plumped for the garden station, near hexham, a little old train station that has been turned into a garden with a cafe attached. dad decided he fancied joining me too so after weigh in off we went :-) satnav got us there no bother at all so we sat in the sunshine having tea/coffee and a couple of bacon sarnies before having a wander around the garden. we then headed back into corbridge for a wander around the shops. it was a really lovely trip out rounded off by watching two newfoundlands playing around in the river and having a fantastic time :-)

then to round the day off i decided to stick our sofas on gumtree to get rid of them before the new ones arrive, eight minutes after the advert went up i'd had a phone call from paul who is coming to pick them up on moday :-) have also had two emails and another call so went straight back onto gumtree and removed the advert :-) know for a fact that he'll be selling them on later but as long as they are gone from my house and i'm not paying the council £40 each to get rid of them, then i'm a happy bunny :-)

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