Sunday, 14 October 2012

back from another great holiday

the feathery alarm clock at brawliemuir cottages, half six every morning for at least 20 minutes, glad i had my ear plugs

our lovely cottage, stable cottage at brawliemuir farm near johnshaven in scotland

the grampian wheel at the funfair near the beach at aberdeen, it might have been october but it was a glorious day and the entire city of aberdeen had decamped to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, chips and icecream were the order of the day as well as crazy golf and the shooting gallery LOL

stonehaven harbour, we sat and watched the world go by and laughed at a little boy who went further and further into the water until he was completely soaked LOL five days after this photo stonehaven was underwater after flooding hit the area

we had a lot of fun at the grampian transport museum, dad on the penny farthing

the walled garden at crathes castle.

sunset over the farm

sunrise over the farm from my bedroom window

feeding laurel, nelly, togo and leif, the harbour seals at st andrews aquarium.

meerkat manor at st andrews aquarium

this log leads into the meerkats den and i waited ages for one of them to stick their head out for long enough for me to grab a photo

feeding the meerkats was amazing except for having to feed them LIVE wriggly meal worms LOL

is the food all gone????

overlooking the gardens at crathes castle in my favourite wooly pully LOL

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