Saturday, 8 September 2012

Well, I've gone and done it.....

...... I've jumped ship and gone to the dark side LOL i've been to join weight watchers this morning!  I had found i was getting very bored of the food i was eating doing the slimming world plan and i can go on no longer craving bread the way i have been, so after a bit of research online i have decided to give weight watchers ago. Found the class very different as there was no reading out of the weights and the ensuing happy clapping. Instead there was a talk about hot spots in your kitchen and how to  change your kitchen around to help with your weight loss. I've made myself a shopping list and i'll get that ordered tomorrow, then after that i'm heading off to jarrow to take photos of the golden postbox thats there after 15year old josef craig won the gold and broke the world record in the swimming the other day

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